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—Could you tell me how I can get to the Central Park?

—Sorry.I don't know the way,either.

—It's OK.Thank you ________.

A. after all    B. above all

C. all in all    D. all the same


I don't like my cousin Li Long ________.He is a naughty boy with bad manners.

A. above all    B. in all

C. at all    D. of all


This is the first time that I ________ to your school,Mike.Could you tell me something about your school?

A. come    B. came

C. have come    D. will come


I loved this picture ________ I saw it.

A. first time    B. the first time

C. at the first time    D. for the first time


I've been here ________.

A. the first    B. of the first time

C. on the first time    D. for the first time


—Did you watch the football game yesterday?

—Yes,I did.John is really a dark horse.Nobody ________ him to go so far.

A. wanted    B. encouraged

C. expected    D. hoped


Animals are our close friends.We are supposed ________ them.

A. to protect    B. protecting

C. protect    D. to protecting


You were ________ to close the windows.Why were you so careless?

A. allowed    B. believed

C. supposed    D. caused


Bad days happen to many of us.Something makes us sad,angry,frustrated or disappointed.But you still have to get up and go to work.Everything others say to you sounds stupid.Everyone seems to annoy you.Luckily,you can do something about it.Here are some ways to turn around a bad day.

Accept your bad mood

Being in a bad mood is not that hard.If you're mad,be mad.If you're sad,be sad.This does not give you the license to be rude and unpleasant to others.It just means that you need to recognize and accept your bad mood to be able to do something.

Tell others

You can try to keep your bad mood a secret and put on your happy mask.But you're fooling nobody.The best thing to do is to tell the people you work closely with.Simply tell them “Listen,I'm in a really bad mood today.I'm not sure why,but it has nothing to do with you.If I bite__your__head__off,I apologize in advance.”

Remember the good

Spend a few moments trying to think of at least one or two things that aren't all bad:Something you look forward to,such as a person you like at work or something nice that happened recently.

Take some quiet time

Take a walk in your lunch break.Sit and work somewhere quiet.Take a long bathroom break.Consider going home early or taking the day off.

1.If you're in a bad mood,you should________.

A. be rude    B. be unhappy

C. accept it    D. be angry

2.The underlined phrase “bite your head off” means “________” in Chinese.

A. 咬掉你的脑袋    B. 对你发脾气

C. 不理你    D. 生你的气

3.When you're unhappy,________may help.

A. thinking of good things

B. thinking of bad things

C. keep it a secret

D. doing nothing

4.A quiet place may ________ when you're in a bad mood.

A. make you better    B. make you lonely

C. trouble you    D. make you sad

5.The passage mainly tells us________.

A. how to get along with others

B. how to deal with the bad mood

C. everyone has bad days

D. bad days are not bad


—I am very tired these days because of too much homework.

—________listen to music? It can make you feel relaxed.

A. Why don't you    B. How about

C. What about    D. Why don't


Though he often made his little sister             ,today he was made              by her.

A. cry;to cry    B. cried;crying

C. to cry;cry    D. crying;cried


The ________children learn to be independent,the ________it is for their future.

A. earlier;best    B. earlier;better

C. earliest;best    D. early;good


Miss Black would rather ________ to a mysterious place.

A. go    B. to go    C. to going    D. going


I have been friends ________Helen for many years because we have some things ________common.

A. for;in    B. with;in

C. with;on    D. for;on



朋友对每个人的一生都很重要。下面请你以“How to Make Friends”为题,写一篇关于如何交友的英文短文。


参考词汇:similar interests; be afraid to; good listener; be friendly



Dear Sam,

I need some advice on how to make friends! I have just moved to a new city. I am 13. I don’t know anybody here and I want to make some friends. What’s the best way where I can meet people?



Dear Tony,

There are lots of things you can do. First, you can ride your bike in your neighborhood and try to find some kids. When you find some, you can go up and talk to them. You should also let your parents know that you want to make friends because they can help you. Maybe you can ask your parents to take you to the library or some places where there are lots of kids. You could try joining an art class or a sports club. These are all great ways to meet people. You can try making friends at churches (教堂) too if you go to church on Sundays. Try to be active wherever you are, but just be yourself and don’t try so hard. It takes time and patience (耐心). I hope you will find a best friend soon!



Information Card

Tony’s problem: he doesn’t know how to1.______________.

Sam’s advice



Places to meet other kids

Neighborhood, the2._______ and churches.


Join an art class or a 3.__________

How to behave

Try to be 4._________, but don’t try too 5._________.



How much do you know about American schools? They are different 1.those in China. In America, 2.thebeginning of the term, students must 3. their courses and teachers first. While in China, students usually have no chances to select their courses and teachers.

Selecting is very important for your grades in America. So at 4. first term, don't select too many courses, or you'll feel very nervous and it may influence your 5.. In that case, you have to 6. for help from teaching plans. There is some information about subjects, time arranging, marks and textbooks. At the same7., you must choose the teachers. Different teachers have 8. teaching ways. If the teacher is called “killer” by the last grade, many students will give 9. choosing him. 10. this kind of teacher will leave too much homework, too many exams and give too low grades.


配对阅读   阅读左栏的五段文字,然后在右栏中找出与他们匹配的信息。(有两个多余项)

66. Mo Yan, 2012's winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature (诺贝尔文学奖), was born in the small town of Gaomi in Shandong Province.

67. Many of them take school buses. What should we do to keep these students safe on the road?

68. Today I went to Sam's school in the UK. It was really different from my school in China.

69. Writing by hand is different from typing. Typing means choosing the whole letter touching a key.

70. Space travel is nothing new.

A. Although Mo had left Gaomi, Gaomi never left him. Many of his books talk about rural life and the people of Gaomi. For Mo, all of man nature can be seen in the village life of Gaomi.

B.Girls wore grey skirts and white shirts, boys wore grey trousers, and everyone wore the school tie.

C.During the 1800s, African Americans worked long days in the fields of the American South.

D.The first spacecraft with a human was sent up into space in 1961.Since then, people have not only traveled to space, but many of them have also lived there in space stations for some time.

E.They sang songs that they had brought from Africa while working. One person sang a line. Then a group of workers repeated it.

F.But if we write by hand, we should use strokes (笔画) to make a letter, finger actions make the large parts of the brain to work, to think and to remember language. Handwriting helps children learn letters and shapes, and it also improves their ability to express ideas.

G.On April 5, the State Council (国务院) published new rules about school bus safety. These new rules are stricter than the old ones.









There once lived in China a very foolish king and queen. One day the queen had a baby daughter. When they saw their baby, they both cried out, "My goodness! How small it is! It's hairless and toothless! It's a monster!" They sent for all the doctors in the country and ordered them to prepare some medicine for her.

"When she drinks your medicine, she must grow to the right size and have hair and teeth," the king said, "If you don't do this, you'll have a beating."

The doctors thought it impossible, but they dared not say anything against the king's order. Just then and old doctor stepped forward. "Oh, we shall certainly obey your order," he said, "but it takes time. We have to dig a mineral(矿石) from the KunLun Mountains when the snow melts for the second time. The snow melts on those mountains only once in six years. So we need twelve years."

At last the king agreed and the doctors took away the little princess. On her twelfth birthday, they brought her back to her parents with long black hair and beautiful teeth. The king and queen were very happy and gave the doctors expensive presents.

1.Which of the following sentences is NOT RIGHT?

A. The baby was toothless    B. The baby was hairless

C. The baby was unusual    D. The baby was small

2.The doctors would be beaten if _______________.

A. the baby daughter didn't drink their medicine

B. they refused to obey the king's order

C. the baby daughter grew to the right size

D. the baby daughter became a monster

3.The old doctor wanted to keep the king's daughter for twelve years because ______.

A. they needed a lot of different plants

B. they need a lot of different minerals

C. this would give the baby time to grow up

D. they had to dig a mineral the snow melted for the second time

4.The doctors thought it impossible _______________.

A. for them to change the king's order

B. for them the prepare the medicine in twelve years

C. for the small baby to drink the medicine

D. for them to make the baby have teeth and hair or grow teeth at once

5._______________, the king would not give them expensive presents.

A. If the doctors did not bring back a beautiful girl

B. If the doctors didn`t find the minerals

C. If the doctors could not make the magic medicine

D. If the daughter were still a monster(怪物) twelve years later


Where is Love? How can we find Love? Once a little boy wanted to meet Love. He knew it was a long trip to where Love lived, so he got his things ready with some pizzas and drinks and started off. When he passed three streets, he saw an old woman sitting in the park and watching some birds. She looked very hungry. The boy gave her a pizza. She took it and smiled at him. The smile was so beautiful that he wanted to see it again, so he gave her a Coke. She smiled once again. The boy was very happy.

They sat there all the afternoon, eating and smiling, but they said nothing. When it grew dark, the boy decided to leave. But before he had gone more than a few steps, he turned around, ran back to the old woman and gave her a hug. The woman gave him her biggest smile ever.

When the boy opened the door of his house, his mother was surprised by the look of joy on his face and asked what had made him so happy. “I had lunch with Love. She has got the most beautiful smile in the world.” At the same time, the old woman`s son was also surprised at his mother`s pleasure and asked why.

“I ate a pizza in the park with Love,” she said, “and he is much younger than I expected.” If the world is full of love, we can enjoy a better life.

1.When the little boy saw the old woman, she was__________.

A. looking for a seat in the park    B. passing the street

C. looking at some birds    D. having a pizza

2.The little boy gave the old woman a Coke because__________ .

A. the old woman still felt hungry    B. he wanted to see the smile again

C. he didn,t like the drink    D. the old woman paid him for it

3.The old woman gave the little boy the biggest smile__________ .

A. after the little boy went home    B. before it grew dark

C. when she was drinking Coke    D. after the little boy hugged her

4.The boys mother was surprised to see her son was very____when the door opened.

A. pleased    B. sad    C. unhappy    D. angry

5.Which of the following is TRUE?

A. The little boy failed to find Love.

B. The little boy decided never to go home.

C. The old woman gave the little boy a hug to thank him.

D. Both the little boy and the old woman found what they wanted at last.



Boys and girls, this summer vacation is the time for you to take your mind off homework and prepare yourself for future life. The following is some advice on ______ to make your vacation meaningful and colorful.

Take exercise. Regular exercise, much health. You ______ hard most of the time so far. Therefore, you need to join in outdoor activities, which can bring your whole body into action. You can benefit from different forms of exercise ______ swimming, jogging and mountain climbing.

Learn some basic life skills. One day, you will live alone. As a result, you can't ______ your family any longer. In order to deal with your ______ matters in your own life, you should learn cooking, washing and other practical (实用的) skills.

Go for a journey. Travel to places of interest. In this way, you can find the culture there different from ______ of your hometown. Beautiful scenery can ______ make you relaxed. Imagine that you are lying on the warm beach in bright sunshine, with light sea wind gently blowing. Isn't it enjoyable and comfortable?

Enjoy family time. Home is the place in which you can rest, receive love and care from relations. Don't always sit in front of a computer alone. Instead, the whole family should spend ______ watching a movie on the sofa together. Besides, it's great fun for family members to gather around the table, ______ sports and enjoy the relaxing times.

If you follow the advice above, you will achieve health, independence (独立), peace of mind and feelings between family members. Today is the beginning of a new life. Your summer vacation must be full of ______ and success. Wish you a wonderful time!

1.A. whether    B. how    C. when    D. what

2.A. have worked    B. worked    C. will work    D. works

3.A. instead of    B. because of    C. such as    D. rather than

4.A. depend on    B. give up    C. hear from    D. look after

5.A. public    B. negative    C. personal    D. Happy

6.A. it    B. that    C. one    D. what

7.A. also    B. either    C. too    D. as

8.A. some times    B. some time    C. sometimes    D. some

9.A. discussed    B. to discuss    C. discuss    D. discussing

10.A. sadness    B. joy    C. worry    D. happy


Seeing their teacher _______ into the classroom, they stopped _______ at once.

A. walk; telling    B. entering; to speak    C. enter; to tell    D. walking; talking


(题文)-- I’m very tired these days because of the senior high school entrance examination.

-- Why not _______ music? It can make you _______.

A. listen to;relaxed    B. to listen to;relaxed    C. listen to;relax    D. to listen to;to relax


Miss Gao asked a question, but it was__________ that nobody could answer it

A. very difficult    B. too difficult    C. quite difficult    D. so difficult


— How do you like Han Han’s books?

— They are my last choice. The more I read them,             I like them.

A. the more    B. the least    C. the less    D. the most


Many people would rather __________ in the country because there is __________ pollution in the city.

A. live; more    B. to live; less    C. live; less    D. to live; more


It's dangerous __________ a close look at the tiger in the zoo.

A. for us taking    B. of us to take

C. of us taking    D. for us to take


Look at Eric's ______ face. The snake scared him just now. — Yes, I think so. He isn't a brave boy.

A. black    B. red    C. pale    D. blue


We teachers should not be too _____on their students. After all, they are too young.

A. hard    B. strict    C. easy    D. busy


(题文)– How does your mother like your presents for Mother’s Day?

– Well, __________ this sweater __________ that one is fit for her. They are too big.

A. both; and    B. either; or

C. neither; nor    D. not only; but also


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